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My Style

Dayton_Wedding_Photographer_EBDMyStyle_PhotoHis hand in mine we conquer life together, each with our own strengths and our own imperfections.  A harmonious relationship that has been tested and tried over our many years together.

I capture couples that have also seen, know, and believe in that same kind of love.  Where there is an increased attraction with every tender beat of your heart. Where you feel as if your next breath in life wouldn’t be complete without the other.  Where you are ready to do nothing but face the world together, no matter the obstacle.  And where for better or for worst is your number one option.

I create a place that is fun, modern, and swept away with a romantic touch.  Because I believe in a quiet legacy.  One that was built on whispers of “I love you” and soft bittersweet kisses.  For stolen glances, and that smirk that makes him weak in the knees.  I want you to remember that for a lifetime.

If you want to preserve your day just like this, and you would dream of no better fit than I to photograph your memories, I’d love to hear from you!  GetInTouchButton



..Photography is very important to you..
..You love natural light..
..Unique spaces speak to you..
..You have a soft spot for romance….
..You’re easy going..
..You love to travel + crave adventure..
..You cherish family..
..You enjoy soaking in the moments of life..
..You want your wedding to be filled with personable + memorable details..
..Albums + Prints are just as important to you as your portraits..
..Added bonus if you are high school sweethearts..