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Meet Echo

Dayton_Wedding_Photographer_EBDMeetMe_PhotoI grew up in a place where family meant everything.  With four other sisters, it was dinner around the table every night talking about our day.  It was cleaning the house on Saturday mornings, while singing along to Fraggle House Rock and my father’s rock and roll records on the player.  It was my parents constant and endless support in all my endeavors.  And it was even piling in our van for three week trips across the country.

When I entered into public high school at the age of 14, who knew I would have met the love of my life?  We met in the bleachers of our Friday night football game, he was an all-star golfer and I was one of the new girls in school.  His family life was a mirror image of mine and it seemed almost like our night was made in the movies.  The game that night escaped my memory, but by the end of the evening we decided to give love a try.

For us it just worked.  It was like a match made in heaven.  Something I would have never expected, but here we are all these years later still in love.  Now married, we have our own family, and we’re so blessed to have our son and two daughters.  We couldn’t be more excited to teach them what it means to be a family.  What it means to support one another through everything.  And what it means to love each other like God loves us.

Along the way, I never wavered in following my dream to be a photographer.  It was like it was ingrained into my genetic DNA.  Almost as if life just didn’t seem right without it.  It was a part of who I was meant to be.  Because of that, I find true joy and fulfillment in documenting life’s unwritten moments.  I know there are so many along the way!



..I google everything..
..I’m a Canon kinda girl..
..Chai Tea keeps me running..
..I love wearing my favorite pearls..
..Chapstick is my best friend..
..I put my faith + family first, everything else follows..
..Apples and peanut butter rock my world..
..I turn to mush when I hear my kids laugh..
..Summertime is where it’s at..
..All things tourquoise melt my heart..
..I have a love affair with Apple..
..Cheescake Factory and Mexican food are my favs..
..I have a desperate desire to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef someday..
..I LOVE to travel!  One of my life goals is to make it to all 50 states. {I’m 36/50 so far!}..
..HGTV makes me want to redecorate my house on a regular basis. {I adore Fixer Upper with Chip + Johanna Gaines!}..
..I am super OCD! I alphabetize our movie collection, clean up while I’m cooking, and color coat my closet. {Yeah, I know.}..
..Oh, and I have a tendency to multi-task while I brush my teeth, leave the lights on in every room, and use up every last drop in the ketchup bottle..